Furkan Gursoy

I am a PhD Candidate at Bogazici University, Istanbul. My research interests can roughly be categorized under the keywords network science, complex systems, and data science. You can find links to my publications on this page. My colleagues and I also have number of submitted and ongoing research which range from agent-based modeling to systems thinking, integrated information systems to IS/IT project management, and online user behavior to churn prediction. I am currently focusing on the intersection of machine learning and networks, and applications of machine learning on graph databases.


Datasets by Furkan Gürsoy contains original network datasets you can use in your own research.



F. Gursoy and D. Gunnec (2018). Influence maximization in social networks under Deterministic Linear Threshold Model. Knowledge-Based Systems. [Full Text at Publisher]  [Full Text*]  [Source Code and Datasets]

F. Gursoy and O. Durahim (2018). Predicting Diffusion Reach Probabilities via Representation Learning on Social Networks. Proceedings of the 5th International Management Information Systems Conference.  [Full Text] [Source Code and Datasets]

F. Gursoy and B. Badur (2018). A Community-aware Network Growth Model for Synthetic Social Network Generation. Proceedings of the 5th International Management Information Systems Conference.   [Full Text] [Source Code and Datasets]



M. Bruno, S. F. Sousa, F. Gursoy, M. Serafino, F. V. Vianello, A. Vranić, and M. Boguñá, (2019). Community Detection in the Hyperbolic Space. arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.09082. [Full Text]



Instructor at Abdullah Gül University

IE 404 - Social Network Analysis, Fall'19

TA at Boğaziçi University

MIS 542 - Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, Fall'17, Fall'18 [Repository]

MIS 331 - Data Mining, Fall'18 [Repository]

BIS 541 - Data Mining and Knowledge Acquisition, Spring'18

MIS 336 - Business Application Development, Spring'18


Some Projects

Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Reinforcement Learning [Repository]

Image Restoration/Learning to See in the Dark [Repository]



Feel free to contact me at furkan.gursoy@boun.edu.tr, particularly if you have an idea for collaboration.



Coming soon! Currently, just a micro one: https://twitter.com/furkangursoy34